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Liquid Food Grade Transportation Broker - MC# 552577

Expertly manage your bulk liquid food grade transportation.

Family owned and operated

Total commitment to quality and innovation

Protecting and delivering the liquid food supply chain

Shippers – Moving Food Forward
Carriers – Sign up Today!

Unrivaled Experience

In 1986 Lowell C. Hagen began transporting milk with a large milk processing company for plant-to-plant shipments of raw milk.  As the business grew, the need for a logistics solution was realized when Hagen Logistics was formed in 2006.  Hagen Logistics dba Liquid Freight, became a full service, food grade liquid, bulk transportation management company, headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin.

Risk Mitigation

Our process minimizes your risk.

We conduct a full operational review of safety status, inspections and length of service before onboarding any carrier.

Our contingent Cargo & contingent Auto Liability coverage provides an extra layer of security of around your shipments.

24/7/365 service

The carriers that transport the liquid food grade products and ingredients for our shippers know from experience that our operations and dispatch team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.  Unparalleled availability to handle any situation that occurs that could affect our carrier drivers, the food products we transport or the shipping companies that trust us with their loads.

Shippers want their liquid food products to arrive at their destination in the same quality it left the plant.

Carriers want the right lanes to maximize their travel time, profitably.

  • Liquid Freight is focused on satisfying the shippers requirments and making sure the carrier is taken care of.
  • Managing the logistics required to have happy shippers and willing carriers is what Liquid Freight specializes in.
  • Protecting liquid food quality from point A to point B is what we are passionate about.

Unequalled experience

We have the most comprehensive body of experience in logistics and food-grade liquid transport of anyone you can partner with. Take a look at what we’ve accomplished together.

Friendly and helpful staff. Quick to help with any issues.


They are easy to work with, the website is easy navigate and understand. Getting payment is quick and simple.


The folks at Liquid Freight are always friendly and willing to help you out wherever they can. Very enjoyable working with them.


For the last nine years I have been working with the fine people at Liquid Freight to secure additional loads for our trucks off their load board. Over the years they have continually strived to grow and bring forth a better product for their customers and carriers. Keep up the great work!!


Our partnership with Liquid Freight is undoubtedly key to our continued growth in supplying plant-based milks and organic ingredients across the country. Their reach to build out schedules and ability to quickly react to any changes allows our team to focus on operations.

Ingredient Company in Wisconsin

Representatives at Liquid Freight are very responsive to our requests and they always contact us personally when a load is within our lane. Exceptional company to do business with!

Lisa & Brian

Moving liquid food product is all we do, and we are committed to keeping you on top of our fast moving, rapidly changing industry.

For Shippers

Ship more, worry less

Nothing moves in this industry without you. Let us put our experience, strong relationships, and vast industry knowledge behind your trucks.

  • Spot loads
  • Contract loads
  • Full 3PL services
  • Reporting
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Full service transportation

For Carriers

Find More Loads and Increase Your Revenue

Nothing moves in this industry without you. Let us put our experience, strong relationships, and vast industry knowledge behind your trucks.

  • Tailored approach
  • Never miss an available load
  • No hidden Fees
  • Control your operations
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