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Liquid Food Grade Transportation Broker - MC# 552577

Carriers appreciate the 24/7/365 support from Liquid Freight

Liquid Freight wants to be part of your team.


Truck drivers and tankers are a critical cog in the liquid food grade supply chain.

Without you, no one drinks or eats any food product that contains liquid food ingredients.

We respect the carriers we work with and understand how difficult your job is.  We are thankful for the carriers that transport this nation’s liquid food supply.  As a liquid food grade products logistics brokerage, we work with food manufacturers from all corners of the United States.

We could not do what we do without our carriers who supply the tankers and drivers for each load we cover for our food manufacturers.

You are the backbone of the food supply chain across America.

We began hauling milk from farm to dairy processors in 1973 when Lowell C. Hagen started Hagen Trucking.  In the 80’s and 90’s we set up transfer stations for area dairy producers to collect their milk for long haul shipments.  And we didn’t stop there.  We added a tank wash to support carriers traveling to Wisconsin and established our own carrier liquid freight transport service with Hagen Johnson Trucking.

To better manage our carrier’s lanes and loads we recently started developing our own Transportation Management Software that we are using and will be offering to select carriers across the United States

Moving Food Forward

We are building the nation’s premier knowledge center for liquid food transportation. It’s a place to share everything we wish we knew when we started, and everything we know about where things are headed.

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