Good afternoon Carriers,
As some of you have already heard, we have been working hard to put some new processes in place that will allow us to provide better value for both you and the customers that allow us to arrange loads for them.
As a result of continued requests for more timely information from our customers we have built new functionality into that now provides a place for you or your drivers to enter information like the BOL and the product weight in real time.  It will also update to show your truck has arrived on site at both the pick up and delivery locations.
Beginning this Sunday (2/5/17) we will be requiring that all loads be accepted and completed by entering in the BOL and weight through  Below is an instruction link.  Please call if you have any questions or concerns.
As a result of this information being updated through our site we will ultimately be able to provide real time information to our customers as well as shorten the invoicing cycle.  This should, over time, result in getting you paid faster.

Thank you,

LF Team