Good morning all.
Outside of having one of our carriers get in a motor vehicle accident which results in someone getting hurt, the next worst thing I think about is someone slipping off the top of a tank.  Having spent my first 7 years in the industry walking on top of tanks to take samples and performing the acts needed to wash them, I've had my share of close calls.  Even when you have the proper fall restraint gear on it's still amounts to a "phew" moment directly after regaining your footing.  Slipping and falling when on the ground is bad enough let alone doing it while 12 feet above the ground.
Foremost Farms USA, a customer of ours that we schedule many loads into, has come out with a deadline for their anti-slip tape policy by March 1st, 2017.  Each of their plants will have anti-slip tape on hand and will have intake employees assist carriers in complying with their policy by escorting drivers up their cat-walks to properly apply tape if it's not currently compliant.  
First of all, I applaud them for taking this seriously enough to supply tape to any trailer coming in their facility that doesn't have the proper amount in place.  Secondly, I support this move and would like you all to make sure your tankers have sufficient anti-slip tape in place before the end of the 2016 year so we don't even have to worry about being out of compliance with this needed policy.
Their policy states: Minimum 24" wide across the tanker, 120" in length from the hatch towards the back.  No more than 4" gap between horizontal strips or 2" gap for vertical strips.
Please take the opportunity to ensure you have adequate anti-slip tape on top or your tankers.
Thank you,
Brandon Johnson