For your humor today:


A couple of months ago we wanted to get personalized plates for our two vehicles that said Liquid Freight.  


Very appropriate.  Very cool and I’d finally get to be a part of the "in" crowd.


It was determined one plate would be LQD FR8 and the other would be LQD FRT.  Both came six weeks later and I hurriedly put them on our cars.  A couple of days later my 11 year old daughter asked me why my plates said "Liquid Fart"....Not cool.  I spent the next two weeks asking adults I knew and also random people I didn't know about my plates.  The consensus was that I was driving around proclaiming loose flatulence.


After eight weeks with Liquid Fart on my car I finally received the new plates LQD FR8T.  I didn’t know I should have had my 11 year old daughter helping me fill out my personalized plates application.


The old plates need to be memorialized and hung in my garage as a reminder that what we see might not be what everyone else sees.  Basically, don't be the squirrel that's so locked on to the nut on the tree across the street that you miss the car barreling down the road.