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Full title: Level Headed - Inside the Walls of One of the Greatest Turnaround Stories of the 21st Century
This book is the story of a now 125 year old construction company built by a Norwegian immigrant that came back from the brink of death.  By the time the third generation of management was in place complacency set in and nearly ended the company.  They absolutely didn't lose their foundational values nor their quest for growth.  They lost their discipline.  They lost their ability to manage the growth.  From the book, "When you lose your discipline, you should always expect to pay a penalty."  The two authors tell the story and lessons learned of how they were able to redirect the companies path from near death to greatness.
Worthwhile takeaways from the book include, learning from your mistakes and studying history knowing it will repeat itself it you don't plan for ways to innovate.  You need the right process in place and then you need to be disciplined enough to follow it.  It's natural and human to lose discipline as it takes work.  Just like with nature, the path of least resistance is usually the one that's chosen.  "Change is inevitable, and you have to avoid thinking you have finally arrived."  Positive momentum is a real thing and you can create that with the disciplined plan.
There are eight key lessons at the end of the book that apply to all types of organizations.  Taking heed to these lessons will clearly place you on the path to success with your company.  You will have to be the impetus, create the plan, and be disciplined enough to follow through.  
I recommend the book as it was a nice read, has great information, and has ideas with staying power.
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