Implementation of Electronic Logging Device – ELD

When does the ELD mandate start and how will it affect your productivity?

The Electronic Logging Device ("ELD") mandate is set to take effect on 12/17/17. A fair percentage of you have already made the migration to ELD's. There's also a significant amount of carriers that haven't yet. In talking with a couple of carriers this week and asking them of their plans it dawned on me that we should know the plans of all of our carriers as it will affect availability. Productivity decreases anywhere from 4 - 9% are expected due to the full on implementation of ELD's.

How will Liquid Freight help you?

In addition to your implementation plans, financial outlay for the equipment, and the monthly service fees, we'd like to better understand the additional challenges you're anticipating. Knowing and understanding these challenges will help us provide consistent service and push for meaningful solutions up and down the food supply chain. Efficiency with all intake transactions including tank washes will continue to be more important and key metrics measuring intake throughput will become useful tools in managing transportation costs.

As we look toward the future there will be a greater need for a shared platform where carriers, intake personnel, shippers, and customers (all in the food supply chain) will have access to same information. This availability of information will hopefully reduce mistakes, "on duty" time at plants, and increase visibility of the product as it moves throughout the system.

Impact of technology changes on food supply chain

All these changes revolve around bringing technology into the food supply chain at a time when I myself, am feeling "technology fatigue". From "The Nature Fix" by Florence Williams: "The average American owns thousands of times more possessions than the average hunter-gatherer. In a real biological sense, we have more things to keep track of than our brains were designed to handle." To me, this means we will need to ensure that simplification is one of the leading categories used to guide any newly proposed changes. It also means, a person should make sure to spend some time away from devices or distractions so their brain can rest and recuperate. That subject in itself is a whole separate topic of discussion.

At the end of each day a sense of gratefulness helps me to cope with this food supply chain we're a part of. I'm grateful for the farmer milking his cows, cutting alfalfa, and fixing a water pump. I'm grateful for the truck driver working into the night hours ensuring on time delivery of a food product safely. I'm grateful for the intake and plant processing employee that cares for the product as if it were going on their table at home. Working together is the only way we will continue to move food forward.