Back a decade ago I saw a couple of episodes of a show called "The Best and Worst of Tred Barta".  I remember enjoying the two or three shows mostly because they checked off on my necessary categories: adventure, energy, pursuit of a wild animal, and scenery.  Tred Barta's professed way of life and motto is, "The hard way, the Barta way".  Something made me think of him again the other day so I searched him to see what he was doing.

He suffered a spinal stroke a couple of years back and has had cancer as well.  The stroke left him paralyzed from the armpits down and so he's wheelchair bound.  When I looked at his FB page I was happy to see he still has the same energy.  The post was so awesome that I've copied it below.  I do not know this man personally.  He exudes a level of confidence and energy that is awesome.  I'm going to be reading his book Driven and will probably report back to you about it in the form of a boring book review.

I wonder if his confidence comes from the vast experiences he's had and can draw on.  If so, I believe these vast experiences come in part from him not believing in following rules.  When you don't follow rules you have to experience things on your own.  When you experience and do things on your own you have adventure and knowledge that is seared more permanently in your memory bank.  At that point you've lived it which is far different than reading it.  That seared knowledge leads to confidence.  If you've lived it, seen it, felt it, heard it, smelled it, there's no refuting it.  

Tred Barta, in his condition still has the same confidence and desire for new experiences.  His story inspires me to live more greatly and have more purpose.  Increased confidence will come as a result of that. 


Full of Hope

Saturday morning I plan to take ‘Makaira’ 30 miles offshore in search of a large broadbill (Swordfish – Xiphias gladius). We will be fishing in 1,500 to 1,800 feet of water and always hope and believe I can catch the biggest one in the sea. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t go.

People constantly make fun of my ridiculous dedication to detail. The boat has to be perfect, the tackle perfect, the terminal gear perfect, the baits perfect and the endgame of harvesting the great fish, attention to gaffs, gloves, tail ropes and procedure.

My detractors often comment, “Tred why don’t you just relax at the end of your life?” I answer “I’ll have plenty of time to relax when I am in heaven.” My interest is to be the best I can be, to hopefully energize and encourage others to be the most that they can be.I absolutely cannot wait to go. I am fishing with my dear friend Urban and the world class mate Croft who works on the ‘Fishbone’ with Captain Billy Chapman. I am prepared to get skunked but I am not prepared to give up.I always carry Doc Bennet’s spinning rod I gave him. He was a dear friend who passed away on his last turkey hunt. All in the marina loved him. Doc and the spinning rod will travel with me on every trip for the rest of my life.My birthday was on March 28th. I am 65 years old, can you believe it. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and you’ll never guess what I saw, a 197 pounds plus or minus of blue twisted steel powered by jet A and a touch of nitrous rolling sex machine. For those who don’t see me that way, you can suck eggs! Because that is what I saw.Have a great weekend everyone and God Bless.PS – For those who haven’t gone to church in awhile, it is a good thing. I’ll see you there on Sunday.

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