Good afternoon all.
We wanted to remind you of our load completion processes:
First of all please verify and accept the load through the site under your "Assigned Loads" tab.  This confirms to us you've received the load confirmation and takes the place of a signed and returned copy.
Secondly, we need the load completed through the site within 24 hours of the actual delivery.  This begins our invoicing process.  Completion of a load is accomplished through your account by entering the "Active Loads" tab.  Once in there you'll be able to enter the BOL # and weight for a specific load.  A couple of quick tips for this process are below:
  1. If for some reason you don't have a weight please enter 48,000 lbs. - This is rare
  2. We require a load reference number
    1. The BEST number would be the BOL#
    2. 2nd best would be the PO # from our load confirmation
    3. As a LAST RESORT, please enter in the Liquid Freight number - This is rare
  3. Also remember we've set up the site so you can have your drivers entering the information instead of you **
    1. Under both "Assigned Loads" and "Active Loads", by clicking on a specific load, you can enter in a driver's phone number
    2. A link of that load will be texted to the driver's phone
    3. They click the link and it takes them directly to that load (No logging in required)
    4. The driver enters in the "Delivery BOL" and "Delivery Weight" and hits the "Update BOL/Weight" tab

**For Dispatchers, this process is easy for either you or a driver.  If you want to test this out on the next load you receive from us just accept it, enter your own mobile number, and test it out before trying it with a driver.  Even if you get a portion of your drivers doing this it will be a win for you.

Thank you all,

LF Team