I'm not posting this with "Book review" in the title as I see from my new friends at MailChimp (BTW - I've called them MonkeyMailer...not even intentionally but because I can't seem to remember some non-mission critical things from time to time) you all as a group aren't very interested in my reporting of the business books I read.  As I'm writing and reading that I'm laughing because, really what should I expect, right?  My thoughts are boring enough without having them go down the path of reciting fragments of a book to you.  It's not bedtime...and you're not interested in a story.
Let's just say, I didn't have any knowledge of how Nike came about as a company nor any knowledge of the man and team behind the name.  Mr. Phil Knight of Nike is a beast of a man.  Starting from your typical, sell it out of your parents basement to pretty much controlling the world of shoes and athletic apparel, he was relentless in his pursuit of building a brand.  I really enjoyed reading his book, Shoe Dog, as I felt like it was a short course on entrepreneurship.  I found myself cheering for the man to have victories even though I knew of the eventual rise to dominance.  Lying to international business partners to grow your company, robbing from Peter to pay Paul for week to week survival, facing the FBI due to financial shuffling, working through tragedy...all a part of the story of Nike as told by its creator Phil Knight.
Read the book if you're interested in a great story and need to steel your "Never say die!" edge.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Happy Thursday evening!