I was having a "sunny day" drive into work this morning and even took the time to wave at a truck driver as I was passing him on the highway.  It made me think about the question I posed above and the fact that I'm not as "present" as I should be.
When is the last time I waved at a truck driver?
When is the last time I laughed until I cried?
When is the last time I took a nap?
...I sat in the woods and took in nature?
...I took stock of all the wonderful things in my life?
...I appreciated how lucky I am to have safe and great tasting water available to me almost everywhere?
...I viewed the world through a child's eyes?
...I had a moving experience?
...I made someone's day just because?
...I focused only on my breathing?
Let me know what your "When is the last time I" question is?  I'm sure you have some to add to the comments below.