Happy Tuesday.

There are many reasons I feel fortunate to have Wisconsin as the state of record on my birth certificate.  

Wisconsin is very beautiful.  The land features, the green everywhere, the abundant fresh water, the nice midwestern feel, and the love for tradition, which is exemplified in our food.  We take food seriously.  It's one of the things we do well.  There are 1,700 food, beverage, and ingredient manufacturers in Wisconsin.  We are #1 in cheese, #2 in meat, and #3 in beer production compared to all other 49 states.

I'm going this direction in my thoughts because I was reading the United States Championship Cheese Competition is happening right now in Green Bay, WI...at Lambeau Field of course.

Last year the World Champion was Roth Grand Cru Gruyere manufactured 41 miles from where I sit right now as I type this.  How cool is that?!  If you've ever tried the cheese you wouldn't be surprised of its awards.  It's awesome.  There are many, many more wonderful cheeses manufactured in this state...and the surrounding states.  It makes me proud to look at the list of past winners and entrants to this competition as most are familiar.  We've either moved a dairy product from or into the facility or I've stopped and tried some of their product.

It's a great day to be a Badger.