Jon Seese has taken the position of Business Manager at our sister company Hagen Trucking.  We wish him well and know this will be a great growth opportunity.  Jon had many contributions while a member of our team.  He helped us by creating process flow charts for our operations aiding us in learning more about what and how we do things.  Jon developed shared documents that act as a "go between" for our transportation management software and our day to day operations....we call this tool "Larry the Loadboard".  Jon helped us create a contingency plan in the event one of us gets hit by a bus or more lame, the office just has to close due to a snowstorm.  Jon helped to paint our cow mascot Victoria.  Jon brought Adopt-a-highway to our office in addition to important things like office pools, his WHITE truck, an "allergy" to nuts, and was in general a plane guy.  Mostly, he brought with him each day a pleasant, nice, and helpful attitude.  He should be appreciated for his vast tool set at Hagen Trucking.  We all wish him well.
John Spaulding is joining our team as Senior Business Analyst today, Wednesday June 6th.  John will be the translator between data and what needs to be done with it, what stories need to be told, all helping determine what directions increase our lovability as a resource.  Our world, like that of seemingly everyone else, continues to depend on data more and more each day.  Having an experienced translator aboard is a good thing.  Also, John is a Virgo, despises long walks on the beach, likes to read, is fond of animals, and personally owns the lucky numbers 4, 6, 13, 15, and 22.  We look forward to his contributions to Liquid Freight.