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Liquid Food Grade Transportation Broker - MC# 552577

Miles and Miles of Happiness

Any time I travel the interstate highway, or any highway for that matter, I’m fascinated in watching the carriers roll by that are hauling America’s products.  A lot are hauling giant parts (WIDE LOAD) for big manufacturers.  I see a lot of boats and campers going back and forth between Illinois and Indiana and the North Country.  Someone reminded me the other day, that a semi-tractor hauling a full load can weigh up to 55,000 pounds.  Lots of traction on slippery roads with heavy loads.  On the other hand I learned that an empty trailer can slip and slide and is more difficult to handle on snowy roads.

You name it, our nation’s carriers and truck drivers are delivering all the material, products, goods and supplies that keep our businesses, our houses and our lives moving forward.  Without truckers you’d have next to nothing.

The next time you head out on the highway, remember that carrier that’s driving the tractor trailer that’s hauling someone’s purchase, is doing everything they can to get to their destination safely and on time.

Give them a little room.  Give them enough space to transport safely.  Back off when they want to change lanes.  Don’t run alongside when you can pass safely.  They want to get home safe.  These carriers are committed to safety.  For our carriers, safe travel is a way of life. 

Wishing you and our carriers, miles and miles of happiness.  Safe travels!

Moving food forward, one tanker at a time.

Liquid Freight

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