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Liquid Food Grade Transportation Broker - MC# 552577

Moving your liquid food products forward, one tanker at a time

Discover why more shippers are using Liquid Freight today.


Our commitment to our food manufacturer shipping customers is to help you arrange the best transportation of your food grade liquids products, safely, at the most affordable price that ensures quality, and timely pickup and delivery.

We have a unique understanding of your customized needs.  Every food grade liquid product or ingredient requires a unique understanding of how it needs to be handled and transported.  Our industry leading knowledge comes from our vast experience, dedication to industry standards and improvements,   and the fact that we only transport food grade liquid products through our network of carriers that we hold to our own standards. 

Give us a call at 608-607-3434 or email [email protected] to get started now!

Operational Excellence

Liquid Freight takes operational and industry knowledge to a new level.  Our sister company, Hagen Johnson Trucking, operates a fleet of fully equipped food grade tankers along with the area’s largest Kosher tank wash.  Having a vested interest in all areas of the transportation industry has allowed all our companies to strive for excellence and pave the path for the food grade liquid transportation industry.  We live and breathe this world 24/7/365!

Ready to work with Liquid Freight?

Give us a call at 608-607-3434 or send us an email at [email protected] – we’re here and ready to help!

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