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Liquid Food Grade Transportation Broker - MC# 552577

The Liquid Food Supply Chain

As the product movement side of the food grade industry all of us are a crucial part ​of the supply chain.  We as a group need to continue developing ourselves so we can provide the ​types of services and information that ​shipper​s​ ​need in order to ​facilitate improvements​ to​ the supply chain.  

The rate at which communication and data transmission tools are being utilized and developed is on par with all televisions, computers, and phones.  We as an industry need to be willing to adopt and use these tools as a way of separating ourselves from everyone else in the service industry.

An example or two of an industry changing due to technology can be found by just looking at bookstores and movies/games.  Brick and mortar stores have been severely reduced in that world as many are either reading on their kindle or downloading a movie on their tablet.  Obviously no one can replace the need for the physical movement of  goods but the way we manage that movement will continue to change and it will be a differentiating characteristic between service providers.

With technology in mind we posted a new poll question regarding electronic logs and mobile communications units.  Give us your thoughts or just respond to the poll.  

Brandon Johnson

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